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Mini Reviews
Use of Crispr/Cas9 for Development of Disease Resistant Cultivars in Plant Breeding
Bikal Ghimire 
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18523
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403-409 PDF
Use of Predators for the Biological control of Eriosoma lanigerum (wooly apple aphids) on apple
Jyotsna Nepal, Bikal Ghimire
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18397
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Research Articles
Identification and Characterization of Green Microalgae, Scenedesmus sp. MCC26 and Acutodesmus obliquus MCC33 Isolated From Industrial Polluted Site Using Morphological and Molecular Markers
Prakash Sarwa, Sanjay Kumar Verma
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18083
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415-422 PDF
Effect Of Planting Geometry On Growth Of Rice Varieties
Mohan Mahato,  Bishnu Bilas Adhikari
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18041
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423-429 PDF
Effect of Supplementing Rice Bran and Wheat Bran with Probiotics on Growth Performance of Khari Kids
Ramchandra Pudasaini, Bigya Dhital 
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18748
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430-433 PDF
A New Record of the Pseudolaguvia nubila (Siluriformes: Erethistidae) from Baandhkhola (Stream) in Central Nepal
Asha Rayamajhi, M. Arunachalam
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18131
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434-441 PDF
Comparison of Feeding Value of Some Popular Tree Fodders for Goats in the Mid-hill Region of Nepal
Tulasi P. Paudel, Devi P. Adhikari, Ram P. Ghimire
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18401
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442-448 PDF
Association and Path Coefficient Analysis of Grain Yield and Its Attributing Traits in Different Genotypes of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Manoj Kandel, Arjun Bastola, Pradeep Sapkota, Omprakash Chaudhary, Pratiksha Dhakal, Pushpa Chalise
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18769
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449-453 PDF
Management of Purple Blotch Complex of Onion in Indian Punjab
Ritesh Kumar Yadav, Amarjit Singh, Sandeep Jain, Ajmer Singh Dhatt
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18632
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454-465 PDF
Sero-Prevalence of Brucellosis in Pigs of Bhaktapur, Kavre and Banke Districts of Nepal
Shilu Sharma, Doj Raj Khanal, Yuvraj Panth
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18770
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466-469 PDF
Effect of Seed Priming on Maize in the Western Hills of Nepal
Keshab Babu Koirala
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18772
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470-478 PDF
A Biomass Upscale System For The Marine Dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima And The Production Of Bioactive Lipophilic Toxins
Ioanna Varkitzi, Kalliopi Pagou, Christina Pyrgaki, Ioannis Hatzianes
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18561
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479-485 PDF
Synergistic Effect of Combined Antibiotic and Methanol Extract of Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaf Against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Fifi Mohammed Reda, YA El-Zawahry, AR Omar
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18620
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486-497 PDF
Field Assessment of Onion Genotypes for Resistance against Purple Blotch Complex (Alternaria porri And Stemphylium vesicarium) under Artificial Epiphytotic Conditions in Indian Punjab
Ritesh Kumar Yadav, Amarjit Singh, Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Sandeep Jain
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18637
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498-504 PDF
Identification of Resistant Genotypes on Rice against Blast Disease under Field Condition at Rampur, Chitwan
Tirtha Raj Rijal, Govinda Bahadur Hamal, Purushhotam Jha, Keshab Babu Koirala
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18773
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505-510 PDF
Evaluation of Grain Yield of Heat Stress Resilient Maize Hybrids in Nepal
Keshab Babu Koirala, Yagya Prasad Giri, Tirtha Raj Rijal, Pervez Haider Zaidi, Ajanahalli Ramaiaha Sadananda, Jiban Shrestha
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18774
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511-522 PDF
Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Ganoderma lucidum and Assessment of Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity
Milan Poudel, Rabin Pokharel, Sudip K.C., Suvash Chandra Awal, Rajaram Pradhananga
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18776
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523-531 PDF
Evaluation of Maize Genotypes against Southern Leaf Blight (Bipolaris maydis) During Summer Seasons at Rampur, Chitwan
Tirtha Raj Rijal, Keshab Babu Koirala, Mina Karki
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18778
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532-536 PDF
Response of Maize to the Soil Application of Nitrogen and Phosphorous Fertilizers
Arati Sapkota,Ram Kumar Shrestha,Devraj Chalise 
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18777
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537-541 PDF
Effect of Mother Plant Nutrition on Seed Quality of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Central Terai Region of Nepal
Prakash Paneru, Birendra Kumar Bhattachan, Lal Prasad Amgain, Suman Dhakal, Bisheswar Prasad Yadav, Pankaj Gyawaly 
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18779
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542-547 PDF
Risk Factors of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Sita Paudel 
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18771
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   Case Studies
A Case Study on Ascites of Hepatic Origin and Their Proper Management in a Male German Shepherd Dog
Bharata Regmi, Manoj Kumar Shah
DOI: 10.3126/ijasbt.v5i4.18768
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